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The Story Corner : They Are ‘Chopping’ Cane

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Wednesday, August 21st, 2019



My people, it is a new week and from the stables of the one and only talk merchant, I bring you hot gist from the streets of social media. Okay, this is what’s up, I don’t know if you saw a video of a recent past senate VP who’s beaten in Germany by his tribesmen. Of course, you should know that there is no country in this world where you wouldn’t find a Nigerian community so don’t be shocked when I said he was beaten by his tribesmen in Germany. Ah! They threw things at him that he had to be rescued from them. The police officers over there couldn’t do a thing about it, they were confused at what was going on and some of the men there told the police officers to allow them. They threw different things at this man and called him all sorts of names. It wasn’t funny. I also heard that another senator was slapped by a Nigerian abroad. I am beginning to think that going abroad means going to be caned (lol). Which means whatever you’ve planted at home shall be given to you abroad. Abi?

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