The Story Corner : Why So Unnecessary?

By Onozasi

Happy Holidays people!!! Barka Da Sallah!




Even though it is a season of celebration, a season where our brothers and sisters are jubilating in their space, a time for us to eat rams etc which we love, I would say that it is also a season for us to be very sensitive. Did you see the video of one social media influencer who went on her page and started saying her religion {Christainity} is the only way to God and she inserted the ‘i don’t mean to offend anyone’ line.  You see, this is the reason why we are where we are in this country. We know that you have a right to celebrate your religion, your beliefs but don’t flaunt it over other people especially if you’ve got a social platform and not even in this season, on this day. it is very insensitive. Religion matters not to me but character is the main thing. No one is superior to another, worship God in your own way. Is that hard? Yes, she has the right to use her platform to share whatever she wants, but that is also the part of common sense. Know when to do what you want to do. Like a friend said, imagine a Muslim comes on Christmas day and writes ‘Jesus wasn’t born’  How would you feel?


Please, let’s be guided

Source: Above Whispers

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