The Story Corner : Jesus In Africa

By Onozasie

My people did you see the post? did you see the video of Jesus in Kenya, they said he came on tour to Kenya and then visited South Africa too {loool} stop laughing ooo… you know I will always give you hot and recent gist. So, this so-called pastor in Kenya invited his white friend who looks like the exact image of Jesus on our screens, you know the Jesus movies we grew up watching and the book of bible stories we read? Oh Yes! So, the guy looks so much like the image of Jesus used on our screen and the books so the very gullible members of the church believed that Jesus came visiting them. {I really don’t want you guys to choke in laughter}.



But God is indeed patient cos how would someone stand on his pulpit and lie against God that he invited Jesus from heaven to come and visit him them and answer their prayers. Hayyy Gooodd!!! The same Jesus was also seen in South Africa so we concluded on the social media scene that Jesus in on tour abi? What shall we say? I heard the government of Kenya has handled the situation though but God save us.

We don’t know if the Holy Spirit will soon be on tour sha. loooool. We need help on this continent. We have a lot of religiously gullible people and it is so sad.

Source: Above Whispers

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