Less Privileged Women Get Menstrual Cups In Malawi

By Easter Khunga

Your Time Women’s Empowerment Foundation, in conjunction with Kuwala Health Media Trust, is donating menstrual cups to women who are less privileged in Mzimba and Dedza districts.

Speaking in an interview, one of the focal persons at Your Time Women’s Foundation, Monalisa Tembo, said the menstrual cups that cost about K60 000 each, are recycled and one cup could be used for up to ten years, thereby empowering women economically.

She said women spend a lot of money every month to meet their menstrual needs.

Tembo said the money that less privileged women would use for sanitary needs every month was enough for them to start up a small scale business to support their families.

“Our main focus is women who struggle to get sanitary pads every month which makes them use ways that are not good for their health,” Tembo said.

menstrual cups

 She said the pads would also protect beneficiaries from different diseases they were prone to, through use of native ways in menstrual management.

“So far, we have managed to distribute about 200 menstrual cups in Mzimba North and Dedza districts but we are yet to reach out to other communities soon,” added Tembo.

Marketing and Networking Officer for Kuwala Health Media Trust, Joel Jere, said the menstrual cups would also help conserve the environment.

“Some women used to dispose of sanitary pads everywhere and they could not decompose. This polluted the environment.

“We urge women who have received these menstrual cups to refrain from using old ways in order to help conserve the environment,’ Jere said.

Source: Malawi News Agency

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