The Story Corner : Just 7 Women?

By Onozasi

Our ministerial list is out, I mean in Nigeria. The list was published yesterday and tongues have been wagging, people have been talking, they have been analysing a lot of things. Some people thought the last tenure should be better than this one, some are disappointed and some people are not, some people feel there are so many irrelevant and maybe incompetent hands on that list. I think it doesn’t matter anymore because the list is out and there is nothing we can do about that, we can only watch and see if it’s worth it after all. I have my reservations though but in a different light. Let’s look at this, how come we have just 7 women on that list?


I mean, it’s not even a 30/70 percentage but lesser, way lesser than that and let’s be very sincere with ourselves, we have women more qualified than the men on that list in this country. I feel we keep sabotaging women, we keep making them feel irrelevant in the matters of the state, this I think should be of utmost concern to us.  Just 7 women? really? just 7 female ministers in Nigeria? Haba! I think this is unfair and should be dealt with. Women should be allowed, should be put, they should be made to be involved in national affairs, we have women who are competent enough to carry this out and they should be allowed. The system should give an opening for our women. They deserve more.

Source: Above Whispers

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