The Story Corner : Beyonce On The Beat

By Onozasi

As usual, I am here to tell you what’s been buzzing online and this time around, if you don’t know or you are wondering what the meaning of ‘Gift, Love letter to Africa is?’ just gather here and let me explain it to you. So, the one and only Queen B {Beyonce} just released an album in which she featured some African artists. It is quite interesting and fulfilling that our artists are getting recognised internationally and this is to tell you that everyone is dancing to the beat of Africa. Though most of the artists featured were Nigerians, our very own, Yemi Alade, Burna Boy, Mr Eazi, Teckno etc. She called it her love letter to Africa and like the pro that she is, she featured some of our amazing acts on the album. I am very happy for all of them and I know that, this is just the beginning for the hardworking, talented artists we have in Africa.


Though some artists are being jealous saying they weren’t featured, they weren’t invited bla bla bla. My take is this, once you accept the rain in the house of your neighbour, be assured that it would soon rain in your compound. Instead of being petty about this, congratulate these ones who’ve been recognised and work harder at promoting your craft. That’s what it is. Congratulations to Queen B and every one of our artists. God bless Africa. God bless Nigeria. Happy Weekend Fam

Source: Above Whispers

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