The Story Corner : #H Factor

BY Onozasi

the face

Have you seen the recent challenge by Falz the Bah Guy, the Nigerian Hip-hop musician?  He started this challenge called ‘H factor’ challenge and this can be totally understood and relatable to Yoruba speaking tribes in Nigeria. They are usually known for having the H factor. Some of them pronounce H in words that shouldn’t have such pronunciation and for the fun of it, this creatively intelligent dude started the ‘H Factor’ challenge. He asked people to do the tongue twister ‘Can Her Hair Earn Her An A’, of course, you know how it goes with tongue twisters if you’ve got the ‘H factor’ there is no way to hide it. (lol). It’s been hilariously fun with so many people’s posts and different versions of ‘Can Her Hair Earn Her An A’. I think we should also do a challenge on this platform or what do you guys think? It wouldn’t be bad to have some intelligent fun.

Source: Above Whispers

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