The Story Corner : This CAN of Worms

By Onozasi

Ladies and gentlemen, I really don’t know how to explain exactly how I feel but I think that religion in this part of the world is overrated or just a means of keeping people under the palms of a supreme physical leader. You may argue this with me but this is my opinion about this. Why am I angry you would ask me, so this is the reason why I am pissed, do you remember that pastor with different rape allegations? That one who’s been accused of raping girls for over a long time?


You remember yeah? I wrote about it here. Well, when the case came out some weeks back, people asked the Christian Association Of Nigeria to talk about it, they needed to know where they stood on the matter and all of that. It took them weeks to finally speak up and when they did, they said they had absolutely no business in the matter! (can you beat that?) they said they don’t interfere in church matters but matters between the church and the government, I mean, ladies and gentlemen, does that even make sense? Now, the same set of people who said they don’t interfere are now in the church of the accused. So, pictures and videos were online yesterday/early this morning of CAN leaders in that church who went to lead their thanksgiving service, they prayed for the man that he would come out stronger…. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee!!! who does that??? who? Let’s know if the man is a saint or not before you do all the attachment and I am here wondering like, what’s happening to our brain in this country?  I am not sure if Christianity is what it is. I have absolutely no clue!!!

Source: Above Whispers

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