The Story Corner : The Access Game

By Onozasi



My people, did you know that one guy on twitter just got an all-expense trip to Egypt as a birthday gift from his bank? Guess what? he doesn’t work with the bank o, he banks with the bank. Let me tell you how it happened. So, this guy went on twitter and shared that his birthday would be the next day and he expects that his bank does better than the usual birthday SMS they usually send. He told them that he has over 4 accounts with them so he expects that they do better than the yearly birthday message, this, funnily enough, got the management of the bank cos he tagged them in the post of twitter and they responded to his request. Ladies and gentlemen, they promised that if he gets over 1k retweets on his birthday request post, he would get an all-expense-paid trip to Egypt to watch the African Cup of Nations cos they know that he loves football. Our brother the man with the request got over 10k retweets on that post and that’s how he got his birthday gift from his bank.  I mean, this is sooooooo coool not every time birthday messages, do something different, give us an experience of a lifetime. Don’t be collecting my money every year and then you send us a message to wish us a happy birthday, please, do it differently.

Source: Above Whispers

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