Our Fellowship With The Father

By Princess Arira

Our fellowship with the father is essentially a life that He has given to is. Fellowship means to have things in common, we have eternal life in common with the father. We share the same DNA, He’s our father, we are His children. When a child is born, he shares the attributes of his father. So by birth, the child came into fellowship with his father, the have commonalities. That’s exactly the same way that the birth connotes fellowship that we have with Him, they are one and the same.
Paul in Rom 8:14 writes that “for as many are led by the spirit of God they are sons of God. The word LED is translated from the Greek word AGO which means to be brought forth that is to be born we were brought forth by the Spirit of God. Our paternity is traceable to Him. Hallelujah. This is our fellowship with the Father. His very life, the fellowship is our sonship.
In John 14:12 Jesus makes an emphatic statement declaring that would be the reality of the man that is in fellowship with God. He said we shall do greater works because He goes to the father. This means that you can do the works of Jesus. As read through Mathew, Mark, Luke and John saw what Jesus did. You begin to see yourself do this and you are stirred up to give expression to the same in your daily life. And you can do all that Jesus did and more because you have the same life of God inside you.
Reading the bible throughout a year.
Num 31:25-54, 32, Luke 8:40-56,  Luke 9:1-9, Psm 40:1-8.
Source: Above Whispers

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