The Story Corner : Insane People On Social Media

By Onozasi

Happy New Month people!!! July is here!



I will not stop talking about the things that are happening online and offline, as I said in one of my previous posts, if you decide to call this your ‘gist corner, amebo place’ you can choose to do so but you know I shed light when I ought to and throw shades when I am supposed to.  Seriously, I think it is very important that we talk about the kind of people who stay behind their keypads and press, type and say anything that comes to their brain without thinking it through.


People get on issues and speak as blind people and you wonder what exactly they have been using their smartphones for? This rampant rape cases in our society, women, girls, boys  are molested daily at homes, in churches and mosques and someone who’s bold enough to confront this issue came out to speak up and some of the comments online make me want to tear up! How? You think the issue of molestation is child’s play? the most annoying part is the way and manner at which some women ‘air their irritating opinion’ also, you expect women to be very sensitive but they are the ones who are funnily enough the most insensitive! I keep telling people, you don’t have to talk, they don’t have to say something but obviously it falls on deaf ears.  The comments on rape and molestation is very appalling but I have come to the conclusion that not everyone on social media has balanced brain. There are a lot of mad people online. So many many mad individuals and it is so shameful and painful!


Source: Above Whispers

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