Petition to Protest COZA Trustees To Take Action Regarding Multiple Allegations Of Sexual Misconduct Against Pst Biodun Fatoyinbo

Background & Explanation

Reports of accusation of sexual misconduct against the Snr. Pst of COZA has been agog social media in a while. First with Ms. Ese Walters in 2013. Most recently with Mrs. Busola Dakolo in a video interview on YTV .
Accusations of sexual violence like rape by matured women should not be taken lightly particularly by the church – a place of succour and refuge.
Leadership of the Church need to be awakened that they are not exempted from accountability and authority.
COZA needs to take a stance that no form of misconduct is permitted by leadership under any disguise. This is should be investigated with no favours.

Action Petitioned For:

We, the undersigned, are concerned that allegations are taken lightly by the church and are calling for COZA Trustees and Executive council and leaders to act now to:

1) Automatically institute an in-house investigation with no partiality or favours

We demand that an in-house committee should be set up to investigate accusations as well as the happenings in the pastoral care and shine light into other areas to get to the bottom of this. Like a reconciliation and truth commission. This will give others who are wounded or those who just need to bear their burdens an opportunity to do so.

2) Step down of Pst Fatoyinbo as Snr Pastor and non functional during the sitting of the above committee.

We demand that Pst Biodun Fatoyinbo step down as senior pastor of the church during this time for transparency and integrity of committee’s report.

3) Mandate the committee to propose recommendations in readdressing management of conflict and disciplinary processes within the church.

We demand that during the reporting process and before a decision is reached by the committee, it is the duty of the church to make other arrangements for respondents with a complainant, should not be stigmatised and that survivors may continue their worship path without re-traumatization.

4) Uphold the virtues of Christ

We demand that the administration uphold the virtues of Christ in all truth not wavering or showing favourism. An accuse cannot be defensing himself still holding the rudder of leadership. This is not a war on the church but a person.
We are a coalition of gender advocates and all we want is for justice to prevail and healing for wounded.
We demand accountability, because we know that where there is Power( be it in church, Mosque, work institutions, or places of learning, heck even in the family) there is bound to be abuse, if unchecked.

To this end, we are staging a peaceful protest at Coza Church, Lagos
Sheba center, 20 Mobolaji Bank Anthony Way, Ikeja GRA, Lagos on Sunday, June 30, 2019

Time of convening : 8.45am, at the Fcmb bank close to Sheba Center .

Signed :

Heartminders Initiative
Bruised but not Broken Initiative
Media Concern Initiative -for Women & Children
Dr. Princess Olufemi-Kayode
Osasu Paul- Azino
Tonia Ojenagbon
Funke Oguntuga
Help for victims of Domestic abuse Foundation
A Girl Project
Above Whispers Foundation
Laila St Matthew-Daniel
ACTS Generation GBV
Alliances for Africa

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