The Story Corner : Mind Your Business

By Onozasi

A new week it is and I wish you all a happy new week!!! As usual, it is time to gist about what’s been happening on social media, in our community and in the nation as a whole. I don’t refer to this place as a gossip place but if you choose to, you are very welcome.



So, Over the weekend a popular actress known for her dynamic roles and recently known for her fitness path online and offline made a post, a video precisely, telling people who cannot bear the posts on her page to get off. She said, some people would watch her videos and comment that she’s a man, she is being too masculine, she is trying to let go of loneliness and its becoming overbearing for her physique. Ladies and gentlemen, there is something I would always emphasize on social media, which is, you don’t have to follow if you are not comfortable following. Life is not hard, you weren’t cajoled to follow so what is the hullabaloo about?

Well, the lady being known for her bluntness sent them back to their father’s house to pick the home training they forgot there. This is her page if you don’t like it, leave! You don’t have to go about saying nonsense on someone else’s page. I am glad she did a wonderful clap back! It should give sense to those in need of it.

Source: Above Whispers

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