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First Lady Clar Weah Launches ‘She’s You’ Movement

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Tuesday, June 25th, 2019
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The First Lady of Liberia Madam Clar Marie Weah has launched her She’s You Movement in Monrovia.

The Program started with a street parade with an elaborate indoor ceremony at the famous Centennial Pavilion on Broad Street.

During the launching ceremony, Mrs. Weah vowed to be the voice of girls and women across the country.

According to the Liberia First Lady, no nation can progress when women and girls are not given the opportunity to excel and become whoever they want to be.

Mrs. Weah told the audience that her movement seeks to advocate for women and girls against gender based violence and other forms of violence including harmful culture practices.

The First Lady said she wants to help and support her husband Dr. George Manneh Weah to transform the lives of Liberian women and girls, especially the underprivileged ones.

Madam Weah said she was moved to launch the She’s You Movement after visiting several counties where she personally interacted with women and girls, most of whose stories inspired her to do something for their condition.

She told the gathering that building a sustainable democratic society means pushing for an inclusive society for women and girls to live out their true means by giving them skills that will make them productive, something she will endeavor to do.

Madam Weah said Liberia cannot boast of a democratic society unless there is inclusivity.

She decried rape and other gender based violence being meted against women and girls.

The Liberian First Lady said the time has come for Liberians to join hands and fight against acts that have the proclivity to undermine the full potentials of women and girls.

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Madam Weah said she will not be content until every woman begins to acquire skills to construct her life.

She said it has been her dream to support women and girls’ empowerment, adding “we must rise and lift up a new meaning in Liberia and empower women… “

The First Lady was quick to add that the She’s You Movement may be a dream of her, but it requires collective efforts to make it succeed.

She underscored the need for a legislation that will be keen on women issues.

Madam Weah further said her movement seeks to improve the lives of women and ensure that women are no longer ignored or overlooked, adding “the future can be better in Liberia when we empower women.”

She said the She’s You Movement intends to remind women that they can become the best and should not settle for mediocrity, saying that there are no professions that they cannot pursuit.

Madam Weah thanked her husband and Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor for joining her to support the movement achieves its vision and mission.

Launching the movement, President Weah commended Madam Weah for undertaking such an initiative is geared toward transforming the lives of women and girls, particularly the disadvantaged ones.

The Liberian leader added that the First Lady is not undertaking this project for her own glory or reward, but because of the passion she has to help support the less fortunate, among others.

He disclosed that because of the passion and love that Madam Weah has for Liberians, she took her own money to build a home in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County, for the elderly, after visiting several elderly homes which were in dilapidated condition.

The president said prior to becoming First Lady, Madam Weah supported Liberians especially during the country civil unrest, something that makes him not to be surprised about her new initiative.

He promised to support the First Lady’s movement, which he said, is complementing government’s efforts in transforming the lives of women and girls.

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