The Story Corner : Awoof Data

By Onozasi


A couple of days ago some people got on MTN cheat and got 120gb, 34,220gb. Guys, we know how expensive data is in this part of the world so you wouldn’t be surprised when this MTN cheat started rolling everywhere. Well, it all started with a guy who got the link to the cheat and gave his friend then another friend of his reported him on twitter. Rumor has it that MTN lost about 20million that night and they will soon be paying back those who were involved in that cheat, directly removing their money from their bank accounts. Oh well, it’s such an interesting story that went viral online and people could attest to it cos the cheat link worked for them. Let me say this, hate me or like me, but why is MTN so pained though? They deduct our airtime on what we don’t register for, steal our data and so much more and now they are shouting cos they had the taste of their own medicine. Oh well, first to do no dey pain na last to do dey pain{The first culprit isn’t as bang as the last culprit} loool. Well, those who partook of this cheat should lay their devices up as a young girl waits for her mother and get ready to see if their money is going to be drained by their network provider but as for MTN, so, it hurts right? looooool

Source: Above Whispers

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One Response to The Story Corner : Awoof Data

  1. DSEED June 19, 2019 at 12:52 pm

    Treading gist for the week. So funny. Mtn got what they deserve.


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