The Story Corner : Another Slap

By Onozasi


My people, My people!!! Thank you for staying glued right here. So, if you have been seeing what’s been trending online, you would notice that someone else was beaten again by a musician. He was said to have compared the musician to another popular musician saying the latter was better than the former and this particular musician got angry and landed some slaps on the face of this guy. So, the victim went online and made a proper post calling this musician out that he should pay for what he’s done. This post got lots of people’s reactions. Some people were supporting that he shouldn’t have slapped the guy but some others were of the opinion that he bargained for what he got, he shouldn’t have made such statements in the first place, everyone has the right to be who they are and own their hustle. My take is this, you should be careful of how you react because this musician is being dragged by the management of this guy to pay for damages. Of cos, people have no right to make the kinda comments they make especially on social media but you should be able to caution your physical reaction being a public figure. That’s my take on this issue. I will not say one acted well or not, my own is, as humans you should know how to keep quiet and follow your lane or what do you guys think? let’s talk in the comment section below.

Source: Above Whispers

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