Psalms Expression Of Divine Utterances

By Princess Arira

Psalm is not just singing but it can actually be prophetic. Psalms are actually a function of divine utterance  Acts 1:20. Psalms is from the Hebrew word ZAMAR, it means to sing forth or give praise. Primarily it also means the idea of striking with the finger as though you are striking a cord or string. The Israelites usually use ZAMAR to show forth praises or sing forth praises.The word ZAMAR was first seen in 1Chro 16:7.
The praises in itself is not necessarily a song, we only use the song to express praises, psalms may be sang or enchanted. Singing is not how we describe praises, to praise actually means to express what God has done. It means to speak of or speak to the quality they have., psalms are a function of utterance which the Holy ghost giveth. Psalms are for edification.
The psalms that we are singing has to be the words of Christ. The bible contains different auto, people and character. The psalms we sing as new testament men should testify the Spirit of Christ, the truth is in Christ and we must always take into consideration what Jesus has done.
Psalms are divinely inspired utterance, before season change psalms go forth. Psalms are not for the weak only strong people know how to chant. To chant is different from talking, the thing about chant is that you are talking with confidence. We must be bolder in our expressions of the things of the spirit, everything God has put in our disposal must be maximized.
 The Holy ghost inspires words from God, so no matter what you are facing as a believer, there are psalms that can address your situation. Psalms do not end with the word that is in the book of psalm. In Acts 1:20 Peter made mentioned of psalms.
Source: Above Whispers

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