The Story Corner : Let This Aunty Take A Break

By Onozasi

If you don’t know if you know this so-called aunty old journalist with a special taste for unnecessary ‘busy-bodying’, then you need to go search her out. Okay, let me help you here, out of my gracious generosity. So, this woman is known for picking the matter of celebrities and dragging them unnecessarily, like is it your business? obviously, it is hers.



There was a time she decided to get on the case of a renowned blogger and she went all out saying some trashy stories about the young lady. Well,she is known for doing and saying all sorts. She picked on an ace musician sometimes ago and on and on and on, that’s been her pattern. There was a time we learnt she was taken to a mental clinic abroad after being arrested by policemen for this over talking that she does. Now, she has come out again to get on the case of a particular renowned Yoruba actress who spoke about her failed marriage and how she went on as a single mother to build an empire for herself. Our busy body aunty got on the case and started abusing this woman. She said she was looking for cheap popularity, she called her a prostitute trying to do damage control, bla bla bla. You know, at some point people listened to this woman when she speaks but right now, she is seen as a hater and a woman who needs help. The question is, must you say something? Even if you are pushed to comment, must it be trashy? The world people have concluded that our aunty needs help, she needs a coach to help her with minding her business. Let everyone live their lives the way they want to and stay off their business too.. Is that too much to ask for?

Happy Weekend People!!!

Source: Above Whispers

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