#AW Gist : Just Us Girls

By Onozasi

It is no news that there are lots of crazy things going on this world affecting women and girls. It is no news that Nigeria is hasn’t done much for the safety of young women and girls. I am even tired of screaming that there are grounds to cover, there are lots of things to be done, we haven’t even scratched the surface because every time we talk, every time we shout, we protest, we go on the streets, we say plenty things and yet nothing has changed or let me say, just a pinch has moved and we are wondering when we will move past this incipient stage. When are we going to have a milestone? when are we going to look back and say every pain, tears, placards raised have been worth it? Oh, well, one day we say and I hope that day comes because this is becoming like a mansion in the skies. Look at that Abuja case, the way women were raped by enforcers of the law just because they were seen as prostitutes and my question is, if they are seen as prostitutes and so? are they sleeping with themselves? aren’t there men who patronise them but it is the woman who has offended the public for being a prostitute, the man is supposed to go and feel fine yeah? How sane is that? I am more worried for these young men on our streets who think that it is okay to rape a woman who’s indecently dressed, just to teach her a lesson. How absurd. How Insane. How killing. Imagine? wait, what happened to the concept of looking and passing, the lifestyle of minding your business, what happened to it? who says rape is a lesson, this whole thing nauseates me right now, who says so? arrant nonsense!


You see a girl now and because you feel her skirt is too short, her cleavage is out and there and then you think the next thing is to forcefully have your way with her because she ’caused’ it, she ‘enticed’ you, you must be a fool, a big one!!!  There are also some men who think since a woman has led them on and has refused to give in  to them, they would rape her so they don’t lose it all. So, wait, when you noticed that the babe was giving you red lights, why did you stay put? why didn’t you pack your slippers and move?  Mr man, you are stupid!

Now, to us girls, we need to stand up and fight for us…

1. Be your own best campaigner : stand up and stand for what is right. Women and girls shouldn’t be constant victims of war and rape. You kill their sons and husbands and then rape wives and daughters as your weapon of war. We have to stand up against such acts. We shouldn’t stop talking and screaming about such acts just because they do not affect us for now. If a sister is down, everyone is down. If a sister is sick, everyone is sick. The road is tough right now but we refuse to be frustrated. This world should be safe for us to be us in it. This nation should be safe enough for us to be girls and women without limits. So, we are not going to stop crusading, we are not going to stop clamouring for what will give us joy and bring peace to our children unborn.


2. You are not your own enemy : They try to make us enemies, they try to make us each other’s villains but we are not going to buy that crap, we will stand together and stand for each and every girl who needs our support. We should give a helping hand to NGO’s running good initiatives for women and girls. We should support them in kind and in cash. We should be actively involved in the growth of initiatives like that promote the well-being of women and girls. We are enough to help ourselves, we are enough support ourselves. So, we should stand as friends.


3. Don’t promote insanity : Start from your home girl, when you notice that your boy is putting up an act against his sister, don’t promote him, reprimand him. Don’t go about saying girls are the ones who allow themselves to be raped. There is no such thing as that. Stand up  and say rape is rape. Rape got no excuse for it.

Its a collective effort. We will not stop. We could be discouraged but we will not relent. We will fight harder till we reach out goal. We will have that society that is serene for Just Us, Girls.

Source: Above Whispers

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2 Responses to #AW Gist : Just Us Girls

  1. Veronica Imaseun May 21, 2019 at 4:10 pm

    Thank you for talking about this… Thank you.

  2. Olori Adeoye May 23, 2019 at 1:35 pm

    we won’t stop. we will continue to fight this. Thank you so much for speaking about this.


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