The Story Corner : This Husband Issue

By Onozasi


You are welcome to the story corner, I wish you all a happy new week. Okay, straight to the point and as usual, the gist is hot. A couple of days ago, a popular actress, known for her movies in the Yoruba movie industry shared a post about how thankful she was on her journey to greatness, how she catered all alone for her kids, how her husband left her after their wedding and all of that. The post attracted  a lot of reactions, people have encouraged her and appreciated her tenacity, some people felt her tears was uncalled for, because she cried in the video. Some felt she was trying too hard to prove a point to people, a written post would have been better than a video…oh well, whatever it is, she has done it, she has shared her story and a soul has been lifted. Though, I don’t understand why everyone is now trying to share their stories now…{just thinking aloud though} whether it is about a good man or a bad man, a good marriage or a bad marriage… whichever one it is, we will listen, we will cry if we are prompted to cry with them and share in their joy too, right?

Source: Above Whispers

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