The Story Corner : A Good Beating

By Onozasi



My people, you know I will always bring you hot gist as it is happening. Something happened online few days ago and this got a lot of reactions online. The fans of a famous new generation artiste{Wizkid} attacked a young man who’s a fan of another new generation artiste {Davido} because he said the latter was way better than the former, so they beat him up as if he caught stealing. He was beaten black and blue, yellow and red. This got a lot of people outraged but the said star whose fans dealt mercilessly with an innocent man wasn’t sorry about it. He went on his instastory and posted that he would forever be grateful to his Surulere people, they will forever cos they will always be his root. Excuse me sir, is this the time to be proud of young men who behaved like idiots? We are humans and we should be entitled to our opinions right? Why should you be proud of such an act?  Well, we heard this young man has lots of issues though, that he is  one egoistic person that’s what we heard sha. The other star {Davido} took to his instagram page and apologised to the guy that was beaten. He also told his manager to check on this guy and give him a sum of 1 million naira. Isn’t that a gig?

I am happy that he didn’t suffer in vain, I mean, 1 million now in the bank. Uncle, but, give yourself brain o. Don’t go and be buying drinks for the boys without doing something tangible with your money.  Who else wants to get some good beating? I guess y’all are laughing right now. Happy Friday.

Source: Above Whispers

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One Response to The Story Corner : A Good Beating

  1. Samuel May 21, 2019 at 12:02 pm

    When people hail and follow the wrong sets of celebrities. This is what happens.


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