Junta Demands Wider Powers

 Sudan’s Transitional Military Council (TMC) has stressed the need to grant the leadership council (Sovereign Council) powers to impose a State of Emergency, declare war, take command of regular forces, and appoint governors of the provinces and ambassadors.

The council also stressed its adherence to defining the transitional period of two years


TMC Spokesman Lt Gen Shamseldin Kabbashi reported at a press conference on Tuesday evening, the TMC’s objection to the proposal of the mediation on the formation of two councils, the first of the sovereignty and the second of the defence and security.

He admitted that there a ‘deep state exists. “For example, we send a letter that take two days to arrive but arrives after 20 days. Fuel and flour, and many other needs are available, but they do not arrive”.

He explained that the military junta will not be alone in dismantling the deep state, asking everyone to cooperate in this matter.

Lt Gen Yasir El Ata, another member of the TMC said “We will continue to liquidate the corrupt regime and the deep state,” he said, adding that it could take five years.

He said the cell, seized in the past two days with weapons and explosives, belongs to the Popular Security militia. The entire Popular Security system is being dismantled.

Kober prison

He said that the deposed President Omar Al Bashir, the figures of the former regime, and a number of people accused of corruption are now in Kober prison and some of them being subject to investigation.

The most prominent members of the former regime being held in Kober Prison in Khartoum North. Al Bashir and his brother Abdallah, Hasabo Abdelrahman, Ali Osman Taha, Nafi Ali Nafi, Ahmed Haroun, Maamoun Hameida, Adam El Faki, Osman Kibir, and Haj Atta El Manan.

He confirmed that the former director of the infamous National Intelligence and Security Sericve (NISS) Salah Abddallah (aka Salah Gosh) is under house arrest and if anyone who has charge against him can file a complaint.

 Nyala attack

Regarding the attack on the Nyala sit-in which claimed the life of a young man, El Ata claimed that some of the participants in the demonstrations of Camp Otash in Nyala tried to seize an armed vehicle of the army.

Kabbashi added that the demonstrations that broke out at Camp Otash resulted from the inability of organisations to provide usual assistance in the usual quantities.

He pointed out that the protestors of the AFC in front of the headquarters of Nyala were committed to peacefulness.

He called on the AFC to prevent the entry of any outlaw groups to the sit-in to take advantage of the situation and the implementation of the same procedures used in the sit-in in the military command in Khartoum.

Source: Radio Dabanga

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