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Monday, April 29th, 2019
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Sin is from the greek word HAMARTIA. Which means to miss a mark, to fall short or come short. It occurs 174times in the New Testament .The word Hamartia connotes and described sin as an entity. A place and a ruler or a rule. ROM 3:9, 5:12-20, 6:1-2. The righteousness through faith is not automatic you have got to take it by force.
The word Hamartia used  as a noun.,
ROM 6:12 speaks of sin as a ruler
ROM 6:14 speaks of sin to whom a man was once a servant
ROM 6:18 speaks of sin as something we are being freed from
ROM 7:5 speaks of sin as an entity that posses humanity
ROM 7:14  speaks of sin ad a thing one is sold to
ROM 7:23-25 speaks of sin as the law.
Note the law of God is not the law of Moses, the law of God converts the soul while the law of moses condemns the soul. The law of God is love John 3:16.
ROM 8:2 speaks of the law of sin and death
ROM 8:3 speaks of sin as a person who condemns ROM 8:10 speaks of sin as the cause of death.
Hamartia described as a way of life.,
ROM 6:23 speaks of sin as the wages of the act of sin
ROM 11:27 speaks of sin as the act taken away
ROM 14:23 speaks of sin as an act done outside of faith.
The subject of sin in humanity
How did sin come to the world? Sin was not in the world as a creation of God, it came as an intrusion by the action of man. The man by which sin entered this world is Adam Gen 2:8-10, ROM 5:14,17,18. Sin is not hereditary and cannot be passed from one person to the other.
When a man is born, he can inherit physical forms but spiritual inheritance is not by birth. Sin is not by nature its by nurture Jam 1:13-16. God has given everybody free will to choose either good or bad, Jos 24:15, 1Kings18:21, 2Cor 5:10, ROM 14: 12. Deut 30:15-19.
Our judgement will be based on what we do with our free will 2 These 2:10-12, ROM 2:8, Mat 25:32-46, John 3:19.
For babies, you cannot judge or condemn a baby who cannot reason. David said of his child “even though he cannot come to him, he can go to him” which means where the child is the child is save.
 When a man yield to sin, you don’t get saved by believing in God but by what God offered John 3:16.

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