Methodist Church Moves to Tackle Gender Based Violence

By Kehumile Moekejo

As a way of responding to the worldwide cry of gender-based violence, the Methodist Church of Southern Africa has, through the Limpopo Synod, established a gender desk to coordinate gender issues.

This development comes after widely publicised concerns and petitions against the escalating cases of various forms of violence including rape and assault.

Speaking at the church’s women convention in Kanye recently, Bishop Sidwell Mokgothu said the future of women was fragile as researchers and social commentators continued to report on such violent acts against women.

“Researchers, academics and social commentators tell us that women are experiencing all sorts of violence, which is a worldwide cry and women can’t hold it anymore,” he said.

He said the newly-established gender desk would partner with internal and external stakeholders to coordinate all the works intended to tackle gender based violence.


He therefore urged the church’s circuit presidents to support the initiative as a way of supporting the fight against gender based violence.

Furthermore, he said this year’s women convention theme; Women Serving God to Build the Future, intended to mobilise women to be at the centre stage of building the future.

 He urged women, famous or not, to use the Biblical Mary as a role model as she served God to build the future.

However, he acknowledged that there were bound to be challenges on their journey as people were judged by their past.

“Some churches use the controversial history of women to judge them.

But you should strive to fulfill your purpose nevertheless,” he said.

He also urged them to keep their faith as they sought to serve God and build the future.

Source: by BOPA

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