By Princess Arira

People who don’t have the ability to continue will never bounce back. The word continue is coined from the Greek word DIAMELO (Luke 22:15,28. Gal 2:5) It means to stay constantly. A person who is consistent is a person who will always be there. God is constant Mal 3:6, Heb 13:8. If you are a consistent person people can build relationship with you, it is not so much about what you are doing but what God is doing for you. If you develop consistency in whatever you are doing, you become very perfect in whatever you are doing in life.
It takes synergy to make a dream work. A believer must be consistent. One of the greatest access you have in life is trust. If you will be a person that is constant, before you start think it through, that is count the cost. Talent is never enough, if you are not consistent but talented you might never do what you are doing well. Anointing gets more better when expressed. If you have too many breaks in your life you are loosing your chance at competence. Trusting the wrong people can be very costly but not trusting the right person can be deadly.
 people are inconsistent because they lack strength
 A lack of desire; to build desire you keep looking at that thing because its what you don’t have desire for that get you tired on time.
AETEO the Greek word for desire ( Col 1:9, Mat 21:22, Mark 11:22, Mat 7:7-8, Luke 11:8-9, John 14:13-14) it means to crave,to desire and also EPITHUMEO another Greek word for desire (Luke 22:18)
We must have desire for prayer and in prayer Col 9.
 We must desire God’s word. Whatever you think you know as you focus on it, the desire for it becomes stronger. That is, setting your heart on same thing desire is built, and one of the things that helps you build desires is your association.  ( 2 Sam 13:1-39).
We must have the desire to forgive because whatever you cannot forgive you are not free from. Whatever you are looking at is building a desire and killing the desire on your inside. The friend or people you associate with would rather kill or fan the flames of your desire. Acts 4:23.
Lack of knowledge: When you do not have knowledge about the benefit of something you are doing, it will have an effect on you. You must have a detest and disgust for ignorance. How 4:6, Prov 19:21. It is by reading you begin to know the exactitude 1 Tim 2:13, Mat 12:3,5, 21:6, Mark 12:10, Luke 6:3. Lack of knowledge is a lack of hope. Pro 24:10. Be careful who you have conversations with.
As a believer you must have people in your life whom you have vital conversations with. People who would rather connect to your past, present and future. What happened to the Apostles in Act 2 was a united passion.
Source: Above Whispers

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