#AW Gist : Positive Vibes Only

By Onozasi

I am one person who believes in ‘Reciprocal Energy‘, it is very important to me and I think it should be important to a whole lot of us too. You shouldn’t allow relationships that push you down, relationships that make you less of who you are. If the energy is draining, find another energy! Life is short; people come and go, the earlier you understand this process the better for you and your peace of mind. I have interrogated people who are basically sinking in their circle… I mean, why have friends who cannot support you? why have friends who feel everything that comes from the group has to come to from you. Why have friends who feel they need to suck you dry and there you are struggling, it is killing you, you are nagging over it but you cannot talk. You cannot complain, you don’t want to move, the best you can do is ‘thank God for the opportunity to be in the vantage position’ Oh well! we are grateful but you need to understand that every relationship is transcational. If I cannot get the level of energy I am putting in that relationship, there is no need managing through draining, blood sucking, energy sapping relationships. You don’t need to stay in an arena that feeds nothing to your soul, body and spirit, and pocket! This year, you have to understand that Energy is important and you cannot be toiled with. If you cannot have the same vibes, let it slide because its not worth the ache.

Friends ages

You don’t need to beg people to be in your circle, you don’t need to drag people to be in your circle, all you have to do is have the right persons who would have you impact your clique and your clique invariably impacts you. I have no issues with wanting to be all nice, good and relatable but the point is, you have to have the same vibes that will help promote you mentally, physically and financially. Life is too short to be handling unnecessary struggles, your goal must be achieved and  your mental health is very key in this. You don’t have to be in the midst of those who get you angry, people who think you are too much, people who think you are not enough, people who think they have to drain you to live, people who think they have to prey on you to live, you have the right to walk away, the guts to leave such relationships. You have to make a choice to stand by what favours you. You don’t have to be in a clique where you aren’t sure if the people like you or not. Circles that won’t promote your worth but they want to have you do all of their stuff for them. Nope! you can walk away. You can move away and stand firm with what is good for your body, soul and spirit. This year, there is no pity party. Nah! if that relationship no matter how long doesn’t feed you well, there is no need for it. Not one need for it at all.

There is room to grow, room to explore, room to expand and be in sync with those that can elevate you. Listen, your clique has to add value to you, your clique has to be in sync with what can expand you in all ramifications. So, let us have this done and well sorted, you cannot be helping those that cannot elevate your spirit!


Source: Above Whispers

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