The Story Corner – Grow In Sense

By Onozasi

As we grow older as humans, I believe that it is necessary that we grow financially, spiritually but most importantly, grow in sense, I mean, in common sense! What is this thing with some young women  and hatred, social media trolls and calling of names especially in the media industry. We know that the industry is competitive but as women, there should be a connection, we have been preaching this, writing this etc but nope! some women would rather decide to play dirty and this is annoying. You hardly see the men do this publicly, but the women in the entertainment industry most especially, have this annoying character and it is becoming very irritating to those of us with common sense!


A couple of days ago, one babe, a rapper and TV Host went online trolling another female musician who’s obviously doing well in the industry. The mother of one, has been up in her game giving hit songs back to back and of cos, the money will come but this other babe went online, called her out and said ‘they know she sleeps around to get the deals etc’ Madam! my own is this, did you have to do all that on social media? Another female musician also supported the name calling and all of that and this became a very big deal online. You see, people forget that things like this make other people see them as ‘jealous, weak, bitter’. If you cannot privately talk about things like this, people will call you bitter and then the quick generalisation that women don’t love themselves.



Anyway, I know this musician is very hardworking, I don’t know about the other part of the story she’s been accused of but I know that she is a very hardworking woman and it takes real hardwork to climb in the industry even if other things are attached, the work is still very hard and creativity is no beans! So, instead of wailing, step up your own game too. Fini!

Source: Above Whispers

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