How To Dress According To Your Body Type

By Viveeyan

We all have this dress we admire whenever we walk by the store, but when we try it out, all that imagination of looking amazing in the dress comes crashing, because it turns out to be awful and not what we expected.

To get a perfect dress for you, you need determine your body shape with measurement. Your waist length, bust, shoulder, hips size matters a lot when picking out a dress. These parts of your body have a great influence on how your clothes will appear and fit.

body shape

You can also choose a perfect dress using the body shape guide. Your body shape or type is the outline of your structure. You have to know your body type to help with the mapping of clothes. This idea is to make sure that any dress you pick fits perfectly and gives out an amazing outcome.


We have different types of body shapes as illustrated above, but I’ll briefly explain some of the shapes.

The Apple body shape

apple body shape

They appear bigger at the upper part of the body with not very tiny waist. Make use of high waist belts rather than the normal waist belts to strike a balance between the upper and lower body.

Hour glass body shape

hour glass

This I would say is one of the most balanced shape amongst all other body type cause there is balance in the upper and the lower part of the body and they appear to have a small waist line. Most people with hour glass shape looks amazing with body hugging clothes. This brings out their amazing shape and their curvy body.

People with hour glass shape should avoid pairing loose top and destroys the outline of the body and hides all the curves. It’s a NO NO for people with hour glass body type.


Rectangle body shape

This is almost similar to the hour glass shape just without the curves. People with rectangle shape have amazing arms and legs and that should be an amazing feature to embrace. Dresses that add definition to the bottom, sleeveless and strapless, blazers, almost every that gives a simple but stylish outlook.

rectangle body shape

People with rectangle body shape should avoid clothes that appears to be too much and extreme. Simple is perfect.



Pear body shape

The pear shaped body is another body type that most people find very attractive and these body type also gives a good definition to most clothes. People with this body shape have more of the lower part of the body than the upper part. People with this body shape also appear amazing in body hugging clothes because it brings out their curves.


And just like the hour glass body type they should avoid clothes that are loose in the waistline because it tends to hide the curves in the lower part of their body.




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