The Story Corner : Shenanigans

By Onozasi


So, there is this gist on social media that young women don’t spend money on their men, only the men do the spending and so, people have been doing tags about it on social media. First of all, I think this generation likes to buzz about irrelevant things. To me, there are some things that shouldn’t even be on the table of discussion but well, that’s how it is, we have them here especially in this our social media age. Our uncles are somehow feeling themselves that they pay bills and some of them are challenging women to pay the bills but then I ask, what bills gangan? What bills exactly? Bills of Chicken and Chips, bills of groceries and toiletries and you are screaming? Have you seen the kinda bills that the women pay? The millennial women I know carry huge responsibilities and they don’t talk about it. They don’t shout about it but here you are feeling fly in your low state. We have moved past that! Well, one guy posted that his babe took him out and she paid the bills, Oh, well, good to know but there are some ‘challenge’ that are belittling and that’s what I see this as. Can we talk about other timely issues? Shalom!

Source: Above Whispers

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