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Money God’s Way

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Friday, March 22nd, 2019
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The plan of God for our lives is that God doesn’t want us to depend on others for survival, the will of God is that we should always be able to fend for ourselves. There’s dignity in labour don’t be ashamed of what you do for a living. You can never be stranded for opportunities in life, you can create your own opportunities. There’s something you can do from where you are., make use of the people you have. That is engage the people in your life because in conversation knowledge comes out.
People who don’t work for money don’t know the value of it. There is more fulfilment in being a giver, the best giving should come from our labour, that which you work for. Always learn to work for money., prosperity means help for the journey, it means you are being enhanced. Wealth is gathered, the first attitude of a believer is.,
1. Generosity: Money can be made through honesty.
2. Diligent hard work.
Nature can fail but the one who puts labour in place can fix it.
3. Faith: Learn to talk to God specifically, don’t try to suggest to God or dictate how He’s going to provide for you. Always trust God for all your needs (Mark 11:24) because your salary cannot meet your needs. Your hope is not in your salary. Acts 20:30, God is the source. No matter how consistent a channel is, God is the source. Faith is unidirectional, it’s always towards God.
1. Honour: Honour (Pro 3:9) means to give preference, always prioritize the things you are giving to the Lord before other things, you don’t give God your leftovers give him your first. Honour build discipline in you, when you honour someone it means you set something apart for them.
2. God wants us to support His work with our substance Luke 8:1-3, Gal 6:6, 1 Tim 5:17. You don’t give when you are begged, you give where you are being taught. A call to ministry is a call to honour, you don’t give to bribe men of God but you give to honour them. Giving help to conquer greed!
3. We are to give to support the poor Gal 2:10, 1Tim 5:3-4.  The sanest and safest community is the local church, any charity that doesn’t empower the needs is injurious. You must be very emotionally intelligent in life, in giving to the poor there must be intelligence and wisdom.
There are six kinds of seeds we see in the bible viz.,
1. Money as seed the Hebrew word for seed is ZERA (Gen 1:12)  It means to plant fruits, it is also used to connote sowing time, posterity.
2. Christ the seed Gen 3:15, 15:5,  Heb 2:10, Gal 3:16
3. Man as a seed Gen 15:13, 24:60,  Psm  112:2.
4. Word of God as seed Luke 8:10, 8:8.
5. The physical human body 1cor 15:35-44.
6. Money as seed Psm 112:9-10, Isa 55:10, 2Cor 9:9.
The giving grace is readiness and willingness of every believer . Christian generosity is impossible for the human flesh. You have to acknowledge that there is a grace in you for giving, there is a desire to give in all saints and it is our nature. 2Cor 8:2, the grace gives us the desire to give. The longing to give is the grace of God.
Paul using the Macedonia as an example to giving grace is., 
1. To show us that giving is not subject to our circumstances, that is the longing.
2. The grace to give causes us to abound even in the midst of lack.
3. Lack or a person’s need is no excuse to not giving
4. We should not wait to be begged before giving, rather beg that your gifts are received.
5. Christian giving is estimated in sacrifice not just in the quantity.
The semantic range of a word is usually determined by the variation of its usage. Psm 37:25-26. If you are not a giver you will find yourself in a circle of lack. Your position affects the supernatural in your life.

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