5 Shoes That Can Be Worn With Dresses That Aren’t Heels

By Viveeyan

Heels actually make dresses look amazing, but some ladies are taller than the average girl height, so they find it uncomfortable to wear heels most times. In situations where they find themselves in a position to go to a gala, prom or dinner date with their partners and they end up being stuck on what to put on their feet after putting on a dress. Other times, some ladies are just fed up with heels and they feel like going with something more comfortable. Well here are the solutions to your problems, here are some flat footwears that actually go well with dresses, for any occasion, fancy outings and summer dates.


Strappy sandals does give the dress that perfection, just the same way the heels do, but with much more comfort. It also gives that summer comfy look.


strappy flats


A pair of canvas high top sneaker or a white sneaker will go for any kind of dress, it would make your dress appear fantastic no matter what style you decide to wear. It goes with any kind of dress; dresses below and above knee length. It gives you that perfect, cool, comfy and stylish vibe.




This is one is the most comfortable and stylish. It’s easy to wear and it gives your outfit an edge of cool.

Ankle Strap Flats

strap flat

This is the kind of flats gives you that elegant and comfy look. When going to gala or dinner dates this would look amazing on your dress.

Pointed Pumps

pointed pumps

This gives you a fancy and angelic look, it goes perfectly with a short an fancy looking dress, giving that ballerina look, it’s perfect for gala and it’s very comfortable. Pair this with your dress and go out looking as amazing as ever.

Source: Above Whispers

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