The Story Corner : Aunty Taiye, How Far?

By Onozasi

Ladies and gentlemen, as usual, the gist is hot and you are welcome. 

People of the world need to understand that there is no need sharing unnecessary thoughts on social media because you will be very well dealt with if care isn’t taken. There’s been something online for a couple of days about one interviewer {Taiye} who came on twitter and said she just interviewed someone and at the end of the interview the guy said, she smelled nice. Excuse me, just a compliment, someone is saying your perfume doesn’t smell like that of a  goat’s faeces  but like a correct human being’s own and she took it personally. She said the guy was rude, mannerless because of a common compliment. I don’t know how some people think but their reasoning is less of an average correct human being. Anyway, the people of the world, the children of twitter, they did justice to her.


My goodness! she was very well dealt with. They insulted her and reminded her that an interview isn’t supposed to be a day of downgrading people’s ego, it shouldn’t be a hella day. it should be a very calm day.  See, those so called HR guys in Nigeria need to take a cue from this. They are always too mean. They lack human relations etiquette and they feel the harsher they are, the tougher it is getting into the company. They are all sick! Let this Taiye’s issue be a case for all of them. They just go about doing rubbish and flaunting to be ‘The almighty’. This Taiye’s case is still being flogged on twitter and people are dealing very well with her. I keep asking myself, what’s wrong with that compliment? What makes you think you are better than the interviewee?  Some people need to receive sense ASAP!

Source: Above Whispers

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One Response to The Story Corner : Aunty Taiye, How Far?

  1. Samuel March 13, 2019 at 12:15 pm

    I just still get amused at her post. It is so uncalled for, I think she is a bully


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