The Story Corner : A Stage Play?

By Onozasi

My world people, Happy New Week.

Who else has been following the gist online and on entertainment TV Channels about one star actor like that who’s beaten sometimes back? Well, according to reports they said he was beaten for being a part of the Queer family, he was severely beaten and landed in the hospital for that. People got out and started making posts for him, sharing love stories etc and all of a sudden, there was a twist to the plot.


They said it’s staged. According to reports again, they said our uncle paid those men to beat him up because he wanted a raise on a particular show he’s known for. I wouldn’t want to pass any judgment here. I will wait for this story to unfold. Ladies and gentlemen, people are out there trying to put their emotions in the right place don’t toil with it. The same set of people who came all out for him have been bashing him since that report unfolded. We are here, still waiting and hoping for another twist but if the twist doesn’t happen…Oh, well, the actor performed his craft on his.

Source: Above Whispers

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