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MAKING IT BETTER: What’s On My Mind?

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Tuesday, February 26th, 2019

I have a mixed bag of thoughts so I decided to put them all in the mix and share them with you. Hopefully one or two will resonate with someone. Well I will start with the elephant in the room, the elections! All done and dusted right? INEC and some others are celebrating a peaceful process. Well I guess in a country where life means pretty much zero, a few hundred murdered here and there adds up to a peaceful process! Then there is the obligatory finger pointing at which side did what and blah, blah blah! The truth of the matter is that it was woeful and a shambles! I mean come on let’s keep it real and no sentiments here. We became independent in 1960 and we still can’t figure out how to conduct a presidential election process that we all know passes the test for a country of our stature and development. This is the highest office in the land! With the recent Governorship election, there was real hope and excitement because it had the feel and look of something we could site as a good example of how this election thing should work. There was excitement and hope that the next one coming up which was the big one could only follow suit; how wrong we were! The despairing thing is it would appear we are going backwards rather than forward! No matter how we dress it up we all know there is a stench somewhere…that’s all I’m saying.

So I read Mr ‘nothing wrong… bump and grind’ aka as R.Kelly has been indicted on ten or more counts of all manner of nastiness! Well I’m thrilled to bits that he has been made to understand that there is plenty wrong with his style and amount of B&G!! The tide is turning, the universe is closing in and they are beginning to drop like flies…Bill Cosby, Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, and hundreds of others, Catholic priests, politician, CEO’s, and hundreds of others. It may take a while but people do get their comeuppance. So I am counting the days to the end of the Trump madness. I also know for sure that we will be writing about the many that have behaved outrageously with impunity and appeared to have got away with it with no accountability on our own shores, it’s inevitable!

Seeing that one of the main focus of the work I do is centred on understanding human behaviour, thinking and condition, I am forever fascinated when certain particular behaviour surface. One of such is that part of human nature that self sabotages. What is innate in us that make us single handedly at best go about sabotaging our success and at worst completely destroying our future. We have all heard the stories from biblical times to present day of men risking their fame, fortune even life to chase after a woman. President Clinton comes to mind, it beggars belief!. But without making excuses for it, one can site those primordial hunter instincts that some have never evolved from. Fast forward to this young budding actor Jussie Smollet from the hugely popular show Empire in America. He allegedly faked a scenario where two white men accosted him, threw some liquid in his face and left him with a rope round his neck after chanting some weirdly racist slogan. Something to the effect of ‘this is maggot country’. At the time people said this was a reference to President Trump supporters. Everybody went ballistic especially the Black folk. Understandably, this was a horrific thing to happen to this sweet young mixed race, much loved actor. My daughters, who are expertly clued up on conspiracy theories, immediately said they smelt something unpleasant and suspicious about it all. First they thought the words apparently uttered just didn’t sound set in reality. Maybe if they had called him the N word it might have rung more true. I immediately jumped to his defence and said there was no reason to make up such a lie in the face of a burgeoning career, it wouldn’t make any sense! To cut a long story short it is now emerging he lied about it all and he actually paid two black men to carry out the attack. Guess where the men are from…. you guessed it Naija boys (REALLY??); that’s a discussion for another day. So young Jussie’s career is in tatters and he’s being charged with a variety of offences possibly criminal. I haven’t stop SMH my head since I heard. This is a guy who was on the rise. He had charmed black and white audiences equally with his performances. He was on the rise, so what in God’s name would make him use his own hand as we say in Yoruba (a fo wo fa) to bring this nightmare to his door stop. Over here we probably would immediately say he has been bewitched and all those excuses that stop us from taking responsibility for our actions. It’s very unlikely he will come out unscathed from this. This is a country that is unforgiving of black people at best and they foam at the mouth with any opportunity to bring down successful black figures at worse. I would hate if someone suggested or encouraged him to cook up the story. If so they are certainly laughing now.

May we not make those choices that will cause us great harm and sabotage our progress in life.    

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  1. There’s alot to say about these events and scenarios you have mentioned but I guess the part that resonates with me most is the lives lost during the presidential election. How we are moving on like it’s an expected part of the election is damning. I feel greatly sad about this, it is just not worth it to lose precious lives because of election

  2. The stories just speak of a fake world we live in. People saying and doing things that are opposite. I really wish we can get it right in this world that we are.

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