The Story Corner : The Ghost Rider

By Onozasi

Y’all know the gist merchant is here. Okay, something has been buzzing on social media and I find is very crazy. yeah, really crazy because some of these young men don’t want to work hard but want to live off other people, especially successful women. There’s been gist online that some boys now intentionally become friends with rich, successful young women, they pretend to love them and wipe them off their money.



There is no shortcut to being successful, you just have to make way for yourself by hard work. In fact, there was one who posted on twitter saying, he just saw a girl who’s very successful, she uses an iPhone max, has a house to herself and a very good car. To him, he has seen the woman of his dreams. The one who will make him rich. Can you imagine that? When did we get to this place? well, we don’t know but what I would say is, if you have young successful women in your circle, talk to them. We have some money sucking male demons out there.!

Shalom, my brethren!

Source: Above Whispers

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