Divine Healing

By Princess Arira

God’s word is medicine {Divine Healing}
The word heal is coined from the Greek word THERAPEO (Luke5:17) meaning to relief of their diseases.
A person who will pay  attention to the teaching of the word of God will be able to lay hold of the healing power of God. The word of God is life and it has the ability to quicken or reanimate John 6:63. Healing is a divine intervention to heal you when you are sick, if you pay attention to the word of God you will live healthy. You are guaranteed of being healed if you hear the word of God Luke 5:15.
When we preach the word of God, all power is released. The word of God is directly linked to the power of God. Luke 6:17. There is no genuine teaching ministry that is not accompanied by healing ministry, you can unleash the power of God by laying hands upon the sick  Mark 16:18. The way to act upon the word of God is by doing what the Holy Ghost tells you to do.
Wherever the word of God is taught, the healing power of God is present. The believer must always give corresponding action to the word of God. There must be attention given to the word of God. The word of God is power Acts 14:8-10, Luke 9:1-2,  Mark 16:15-18.
The most guaranteed way to be healed is by the hearing of the word. You don’t try God’s word, you use it because the word of God has be tested and  proven. The word works all of the time and 100% of the time. The connection between the word of God and the person who needs healing is FAITH. Faith is the hand that takes whatever God provides, faith always demands a corresponding action.
Every alternative to the word of God is from the devil. The word of God is going to bring healing to you even by reading it.  Give yourself to the study of God’s word (1Tim 4:11-13) and believe what He says about healing, then speak to your bodies and you will see the tangible hands of God performing signs and wonders in your health.
Source: Above Whispers

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