The Counselling Session With Madam K – Start From Your Living Room

By Onozasi

This story is different Why, you would ask me. The reason is, this woman visited our office to talk about her husband. Let me say, she came to report her husband. Why? Oh well, some people go about showcasing themselves to be advocates, flaunting different campaign or the other but they left their homes. They are beasts at home. I wouldn’t want to over flog this issue… Let me share the conversation.


Madam K : You are welcome to the counselling session with Madam K. I am Madam K and I am glad to meet you 

Yvonne : Thank you ma. My name is Mrs Yvonne Kings. I am in my late 30’s and I was invited to come and speak with you over an issue I have been battling with for some years.

Madam K : Good to meet you Yvonne. Please, what is this issue?

Yvonne : My husband is the issue. We have been married for 7 years and I would say, I haven’t enjoyed those years but been enduring those years.

Madam K : Wow. what exactly is the problem?

Yvonne : He owns a foundation for young people to be better persons in the society. He goes from community to community, state to state to campaign about gender equality and how young people should maintain peace, uprightness in the society but this man is far from what he preaches at home. He caters for nothing in the house. I cannot remember the last time he spent money on the kids. He doesn’t pay their school fees, gives me emotional trauma but he goes about flaunting himself as the saviour of the world, the father of the youths who cannot father his own kids.

Madam K : Wow. 

Yvonne : Madam K, I have begged him, I have reported him to those who can plead and talk to him but they keep telling me to be praying for him that the devil is the one trying to use him. They keep saying I shouldn’t leave him because those he is mentoring will be devastated. So, I have been suffering and smiling for over 6 years now. He has refused to be responsible. Recently, he abused me and I couldn’t talk because no one would ever believe that he did that to me. He is the Saint. The perceived saint.

Madam K : I will say your husband needs to be called to order. He is doing all this because he knows no one would question him… I think you should invite him here. 

Yvonne : And you think he would come? [hisses} He will not show up. I know him. Sometimes, I feel like breaking his head, other times I feel like poisoning his meal but I just can’t find the strength to that. I am a married widow. I do all the things at home and I supposedly have a husband, a man who’s alive, a man who’s making money but would rather spend for on outsiders than spend for his household.

Madam K : I will like to see your husband in person. Give me his details. I need to meet with him 

Yvonne : Okay. I will certainly do that and I hope this will be positive.

Madam K : I will give him a call and fix a date for the both of you to come here.

Yvonne : Thank you Madam K.

Madam K : You are welcome Yvonne. I will let you know what to do if it turns the other way but we will still keep faith and see what happens. 

Sincerely, you are no game changer if your household cannot feel your Change!  

Source: Above Whispers

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One Response to The Counselling Session With Madam K – Start From Your Living Room

  1. Samuel February 22, 2019 at 9:05 am

    The last statement says it all..
    How can you declare to be good outside and not inside. Yvvone, it is time to live your own life. Shikena!


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