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The Story Corner : Salam Salam Bobrisky

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Thursday, February 7th, 2019

If you are very present on this online space, you will understand this gist. Our boy-girl {well, that’s because we don’t understand what to call him, his gender is confusing} Alright, this boy-girl attended a function in one of the towns in Nigeria, outside Lagos state and the Imam was blessing ‘he-she’. Why? he-she promised to send 500k to the Imam’s ministry. Come here, we are not trying to be judgmental but for us in this nation, we haven’t approved that kinda ‘movement’ and the last we heard, all the religious organizations were firmly against it but as it is now, ‘he-she’ was blessed by the Imam for bringing 500k to the altar and the people of the world have started lashing out.


Well, majority do believe that most religious organizations are being run by money so it’s no news that Chief Imam would bless ‘the man/woman’ for bringing money and the way he was even calling the account number sef, you will laugh.

My people, my people! This is the latest gist o. Let me go and drink some water and sleep.

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