The Story Corner : BBN Palava

By Onozasi

My people, my people. Let me wish you a happy new month first. Happy New Month!


This gist is fresh from the oven, fresh from my reliable sources and I saw it myself o. Big Brother Naija called for auditions and guess what? people flooded the venue. Youths, especially Lagos youths, they have no chill at all. The crowd was something else. Everybody wants to blow and  win over 45 million naira at all cost.

Well, I don’t know if I should be happy or sad because the whole thing was a little funny and confusing to me. If there’s no Big Brother wouldn’t our youths have another option and the truth is not all the people going for this have reasons to be there. Some people don’t even understand what they need the platform for. For some, they need it to expose their craft, show their worth in the entertainment industry whey some are just lazy asses looking for quick money and then  I am wondering, How many contestants do they even need sef? I also heard it’s not just Lagos that was flooded, Abuja was over flooded too. This hustle is real sha. Anyway, I am think I should try it next year, hey! Maybe my amebo ministry can also go global. looool.

Source: Above Whispers

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