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How To Find Your Style

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Wednesday, January 30th, 2019
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Identify your style goals
What are your goals? What do you want to feel like when you step out? Are you vintage stylish, forever classic or trendy hot? It is very important to be aware of what your goals are to enable you to find your style. Your style evolves as you grow, so do a regular check to keep up with the changes.


Your Lifestyle
Your style will greatly depend on what your lifestyle is. Are you a strict workaholic or do you make time out to party on weekends? Do your work in an organisation with strict dress rules or it is a “wear what you have” affair? Do you hit the gym and attend family events? The places you frequent influences your style.


This is like getting a template. It makes the process of finding your personal style easier. You can look for those fashion icons or public personalities that have looks that you vibe with. Pinterest is a great platform to visit when looking for fashionspiration.
Wardrobe Makeover
Put your emotions asides and take everything out. Give out items that are no longer you, mend items that need mending and take stock of things that you don’t have. This is very key if you want to shop smart.

Shop Smart

Shopping smart is getting quality pieces at reasonable prices. Look out for stores that timeless pieces at good rates. Visit thrift stores as well. The misconception about thrift stores is that “used stuff is poor stuff” but that is highly untrue. Some of the best, unique and authentic fashion items are found in the thrift store. So spread your fashion senses, shop smart and make your wallet smile.


Studs? Long? Round? Chunky with stones? Light and plain? Get them all. It is important that you get quality accessories especially if you are getting gold ones so that last you a long while.


The search for your personal style cannot be complete without confidence. Remember that you are amazing and there is no other you. Own your uniqueness and rock your world.

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