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LOUD WHISPERS: My Prophecies for 2019

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Monday, January 14th, 2019

For those who may not know, I have a thriving business on the side. I am an acclaimed Prophetess with a remarkable track record of success. If you have not heard of my ministry, it is because I am quiet about it, the gift of prophesy is a rare one, and there are many charlatans around who make so much noise about what they do. However, I need to speak up at this time of the year since this is a rather competitive field.

I received my prophetic calling just by chance two years ago, when I wrote a Loud Whispers piece called ‘My Prophecies for 2017’. Let me share an excerpt, ‘At the end of the year or the beginning of a new one, there is usually a torrent of prophecies around the world.  Humanity has always expressed a desire to know what the future holds, either out of curiosity or a desire to prepare for the unknown. Every civilization we know of has included those who specialize in foretelling events before they happen. No matter how sophisticated a society becomes and regardless of the advances in science and technology, there is still a vast market for the selling and buying of prophecies. I have always believed that prophets old and new simply derive their ‘prophecies’ from observing trends and using this as a basis for forecasting future events’.  I made some predictions of my own for fun in 2017. It turned out that some of my predictions were accurate, for example I predicted that President Paul Kagame of Rwanda would win another seven year term of office. Since then, my ministry has gone global!

In early 2018, I gave my predictions for the year, and also some special messages for groups of people. Don’t ask about the predictions that did not come true, let us focus on the ones that did. Last year I prophesied that the #MeToo campaign will arrive in Africa. I declared that heads would roll and this came to pass in a rather spectacular way. A Professor of English from one of Nigeria’s greatest Universities is now wishing he had spent his time writing more academic papers instead of staring at the cleavage of his female student. Last year, I also shared a revelation concerning Nigerian politicians. I declared that, ‘This year, you will ‘empower’ many people in your constituency, especially the delegates who will vote in your primaries. You will buy many cars, motorcycles, sewing machines, freezers, Ankara and bags of rice’. All this came to pass, though many spent money in vain, but that is not my fault, my task is to deliver what is revealed to me.

I also admonished the politicians to be careful and enlist the services of people like me, ‘If you are a politician and you are reading this, know that this year, your path will be straight. You will achieve your heart’s desire. EFCC will not know your address! No court will disqualify you! Your list of delegates will not be changed! Your enemies will not turn your Godfather or Godmother away from you! You will not decamp from frying pan to fire! All you need to do is pray six hours a day, fast for five days in a week and give alms to all the poor in your neighborhood. Now, I know you are very busy, and you might not have the time to pray for so long or fast for so many days, you will become weak and start fainting in public and your enemies will rejoice. So, I have a solution for you. I will do the praying, fasting and distribution of alms on your behalf. I will do it for free, but God likes it when you show appreciation’.

There is a gap-toothed politician from the land of the many Professors who engaged my services in 2018, today he is very happy with my efforts. There was another politician who came to see me and just because I asked him to bless my ministry with land in Ikoyi, he called me a charlatan and went to one of my colleagues who asked for just a Mercedes Benz. Guess what happened to him? Just as I prophesied, he was disqualified and replaced.  I sent an unsolicited list of prayer points and fasting instructions to another person who, according to what was revealed to me, is battling with earthly and unearthly forces. He ignored me. Sadly, his tormentors keep making him do strange things such as jumping out of moving cars and hiding in forests. He who has ears………….

I hope I have been able to convince you that I am good at what I do. Here are some of the revelations I have for 2019:

  1. The 2019 elections will be mostly peaceful. I however see many people angry and agitated because of the small amounts of money available for campaigns. There will be no dollars or pounds in circulation. All candidates need to pray fervently against cancellation of election results, expensive court cases and treachery of close associates. Special fasts are important in order not to be at the right place at the wrong time. I see crowds of people covering their noses because of tear gas. Prayers are needed to avoid broken body parts and an international outcry about the authenticity of the elections. I also see sellers of brooms and umbrellas doing brisk business.
  1. The word ‘Jubril’ will enter the Oxford English dictionary. The entries will be as follows: Jubril: The act of replacing a dead person with a doppelganger; Jubrilisers: Individuals or groups of people who believe in the same conspiracy theory; Jubrilisation: The acquisition and orientation of a Jubril; Jubrilised: Indicates a successful exchange with no concerned parties any the wiser. I also foresee an international consulting firm specializing in the procurement of Jubrils for political, business or social use. The exact location of the business has not been revealed to me, but I keep seeing the map of China.
  1. This year will be a bad one for predators who ruin the lives of women and children. I see crowds of women and men around the country taking laws into their hands. We all need to pray against jungle justice, but my visions reveal a lack of sympathy for confirmed rapists and molesters. I also see graves dug at the homes of very old men marrying little girls. I don’t know what it means, I just see it.
  1. There will be more drama on social media platforms

In 2019, I see a lot of drama, fighting, rumours, attacks and counter attacks on social media. Things might get very nasty. All public officers, celebrities and influencers beware.  May you not become a victim of scandal this year. May you not lose your online or offline voters. May your corporate endorsements not be cancelled.  To avoid any of these disasters, please do the following, based on what applies to you – keep your knees together, your mouth closed, your trousers zipped, do everything in moderation and look for all your certificates.

  1. There will be a global meltdown involving Game of Thrones

In 2019, the final season of Game of Thrones will be aired. For six weeks this year, millions of Game of Thrones fans will engage in all sorts of crazy behavior. They will scream, rave, rant, laugh, cry and attempt to throw things at the TV screen. Verily, Verily I say unto you, beware if you have a Game of Thrones fan as a husband, wife, brother, sister, roommate, colleague, friend or child. They will need your help during this period.  You may be required to sit with them while they watch and talk about strange names such as House Targayen, House Stark, House Lannister, the Night King and the White Walkers. Don’t ask them to explain who Jon Snow, Danny Targaryen, Jamie Lannister, Tyrion Lannister, Arya Stark and so on are. If any of these people happen to die in the course of the season, don’t say ‘so what’? Be kind and compassionate. Game of Thrones is a story about love, life, death, leadership and the contestations of good versus evil versus shades of grey. Sadly, my prophetic powers do not extend to knowing what happens in the end. What I see though is a plenty of wailing and gnashing of teeth if certain favourite characters do not make it to the end.

I will stop here for now. Seeing into the future can be very tiring.  Remember, if you need my services you can pay in any currency of your choice, my ministry has accounts in Naira, Dollars, Pounds and Euro. I see love, peace and happiness for you all this year. It shall be well with you.


Bisi Adeleye-Fayemi is a Gender Specialist, Social Entrepreneur and Writer. She is the Founder of, an online community for women. She can be reached at



23 Responses

  1. What an intriguing prophecy. Let him that has ears hear what the Prophetess sayeth. Happy New Year Ma.

  2. Can’t help laughing out loud while reading this. Brings to mind your prophesies for the last couple of years and the true fulfillment of many of them. My only regret is my inability to consult your prophetic prowess while celebrating the Christmas and new year in Ekiti. Happy new year ma’am

  3. As far as I’m concerned, you’re the only prophet I want to be consulting in this country. At least you’re not asking for my tithe in return. May we all have a great 2019

  4. A real satire. Satirical prophecies, very funny and comical it’s a big relief and soft one to take our mind off the Prophets of doomsday. Keep it up Erelu,in fact I will be looking up for your mid- year prophecies!.

  5. Those prophecies sound environmental. But let who has ears and sensitive take note and run with them. So funny though. More grace ma’am to the ministry. Happy new year.

  6. Political Scientists’ Warning: After several researches, it has been concluded that satires can be very dangerous to Nigeria’s health and wellbeing as they can be quoted by the likes of Bishop Oyedepo during religious worships, which can spark religio-political war. The Hague is therefore seriously looking at criminalising this literary genre.

  7. What a way to start the new year, can we have a calendar we can hang in our houses tag, Prophesies for 2019 by Erelu Bisi Fayemi. I like the key messages even though embedded in satire. Well done ma, Happy New Year.

  8. I would say that it is necessary for everyone of us to listen to the word of God through his prophet o. We can see the signs and wonders that happened in 2017, 2018 and we know 2019 cannot be different o. Let us come together and pray and listen and try to work against what will be harmful for us. For example now, this our election, we need to pray well o. I don’t have any other visa, na only naija own i get.

  9. I am happy to hear from you, I am glad you gave us the word of prophesies, I have been waiting for it. I would also like to add that you don’t forget our hangout this year as the online community.

  10. I would say happy new year to you and the team. Last year was great, I joined this community and i have learnt so much. All the articles that have been posted here have helped me evolved so much. I would say this, I am pleased to know that I can have strength in a site online. I read through the AW Gist on suicidal thoughts and I found solace, I became happy and this prophesy article made me smile. Thank you for this online community. You have no idea what you do to lives. Happy New Year Ma

  11. Lool. Indeed your ministry is a call from God ma, God did called you, you didn’t have to call him but I was thinking you would hint us about the winner of the election so we can start preparing and then his Jubril part sef, I cannot laugh oooooo

  12. Mama has done it again. The Prophetess of our time has spoken. Please send your account details so I can pay you specifically for my!!
    Of a sincere truth I love this piece, it has everything. I really hope the election this year will be peaceful and just. I pray this year will yield good tidings for the good people and judgement for the wicked like the child and women molesters. Thank you for blessing us in 2018, let’s do this again this year ma’am. Wishing you a Happy New Year.
    One last thing, no form of Jubril scandal in our lives oo…

  13. The one and only correct Prophetess has said it all.. I can’t wait to see the manifestations; smiles. Bring on the election and Game of Thrones. I can’t wait.

  14. Game of thrones this year, I am waiting, in fact, i need all the help I can get and I hope my hopes won’t be overly dashed. For Nigeria, I pray we will have a peaceful election this one that Dino Melaye is now unconscious to the police custody now… It is well o. Drama upon drama but I hope we will have a very peaceful election and then I also hope to see sexual predators Killed.

  15. After seeing the post on suicide that was shared on a friend’ s wall, I decided to check through this site and it’s been worth it. How come I Never knew about this all the while? I am here to stay. Happy New Year to you and all the readers here. Thanks for sharing and for social media trolls, I would want women to brace up and attack every attacker.

  16. This prophecy is indeed a timely one and I can see them come to pass already. Most Reverend Prophetess Ma, can you please send us your account details so we can sow a seed into this ministry. We will be waiting because I want to blow this year like your ministry. I want to be global too. Happy New Year Ma

  17. Lol. I love your sense of humor ma. A gap tooth politician: thats really funny and sweet to me.
    Compliment of the season ma.

  18. Lool. I am glad I didn’t miss this one. When I saw the post on facebook, I ran here. Sincerely, I wait for all the prophecies to come to pass and for Nigeria that politician though loo. o ma wa alright.

  19. I am opening a shop for broom and umbrellas, I cannot miss this business opportunity, God bless my able Prophetess.

  20. Happy New Year Ma. I sincerely wish that our desires are granted this year and all these prophecies come to pass well for those GOT fans, let’s be around them in our thousands.

  21. Happy New Year Ma. This prophesy is giving me goose bumps o especially the social media aspect. After all the things we saw last year, more to come? It is well o.

  22. I wish you could have your own party. Your own political party. You just say things clearly. I think you should consider having your own political party ma.

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