#AW Gist : Battling Suicidal Thoughts?

By Onozasi

Hello people. Happy New Year! I hope this year, we are able to achieve our plans and live life to the fullest. I want to discuss this serious issue that is becoming a trend globally, this suicidal attempts among young people. Last year, we heard, read and saw some young people commit suicide, some were close, some were our mentors, some were just normal people with pathetic, strange and surprising stories. It is no news that lots of people are depressed, people are faking their appearances, they are faking their smiles and laughter and so, when the most lively one commits suicide it becomes shocking. We begin to wonder why? wonder how? we begin to question a whole lot of things. It is indeed pathetic. I want us to think about the stories we have heard, about those who have committed suicide and how we neglected them, how we judged them and how some fanatics still think there is no such thing as depression. Well, that is a story for another day but the issue is this, how do we help those who are battling with suicidal thoughts? how do we recognise them? how do we help them take the bold step of speaking up and seeking for help?

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Most people don’t want to talk, they just want to go about feigning the smiles till they can’t anymore and then we receive the shocker of our lives. They are scared that they will judged, they are scared that they will be mocked, they are scared that no one will believe them especially in this era of ‘there is no excuse for you’ this era where everyone is tasked with their responsibilities, this era where people are asked to ‘Man’ their lives unapologetically and so, how would someone come forward and say, I need help? it is like a facade right now. People just want to be seen as willful and strong even though they are dying on the inside. This how we can help :

Reach Out To Close Friends

We are busy, we are trying to hustle here and there and sometimes we forget to keep in touch with one another. Reach out via text, call. Thankfully, the world is a global village now, send a message on whatsapp, facebook, instagram. How are you doing, is a question that could break the jinx of suicide in the life of another person. It’s not a crime to reach out. Don’t just comment when you see people post shoes, bags or cars, don’t think all is well with them because they are posting. Reach out to them. Understand that a hand stretched in time can be life saving.

Battling With Suicidal Thoughts?

I would like you to inhale, and exhale. No matter what the situation is right now, you can scale through. I would want you to talk to someone. Call your close peeps up and talk to them, don’t battle those thoughts alone, don’t rush and jump into conclusions. Hey, share it. There are therapists around who would help you get out of that depressing state. You can even read books that would help you feel better. Don’t stay alone. You cannot battle depression all by yourself, you need someone, you need people to help you through it. You need to be surrounded by those who can relate with your journey. Killing yourself is not the solution to the problem, you have a beautiful life ahead of you whether you chose to believe it or not. You have to be confident that there is light at the end of this tunnel. Be confident that you would surmount this mountain and finish strong!

Don’t Judge

I have seen people placing themselves as heads over the lives of other people. I have seen people whose words have pushed others to committing suicide. When people talk about their problems, whether you chose to believe it or not, don’t judge them. Don’t castigate them. Don’t mock them, don’t abuse them. Listen, there are different ways to help people, if you don’t know what to say, you can shut your mouth, if you can walk away quietly without making the other person feel less of a human being. You can hug that person/ hold the person’s hands in silence. We should learn to keep a room in our hearts for other people. We should learn to genuinely care, genuinely interrogate issues. This will go a long way in saving the life of the other person.

Listen to me, Suicide is not the solution here, you can get help, you can be helped!

Source: Above Whispers

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6 Responses to #AW Gist : Battling Suicidal Thoughts?

  1. Vivian January 5, 2019 at 5:40 pm

    You have no idea how you have helped me with this article. God bless you. I am strengthened again

  2. Roseline Kuma January 5, 2019 at 5:41 pm

    Thank you for this. Thank for being sensitive and i really enjoyed every bit of this article.

  3. Caroline January 5, 2019 at 5:54 pm

    Thank you Above Whispers. Thank you to this writer, thank you for giving hope. Thank you.

  4. Adeshola Babalola January 5, 2019 at 5:56 pm

    This is the most expedient article at this time. A show of human reflection and sensitivity. Thank you for sharing and we will share till people who need help are helped and sincerely, I will make a habit to reach out to my people. I don’t want to be shocked.

  5. Samuel January 5, 2019 at 6:12 pm

    Thank you for this piece, we all have work to do to keep people sane. That little message can change a life because you just changed mine. Thank you so so much.

  6. Onyinyechi January 5, 2019 at 7:26 pm

    We really need to care more and reach out to people.


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