#AW Gist : Workaholic! Take A Break This Season

By Onozasi

Hey there, the year is wrapping up. We have been working from January up until now and yes! you deserve this break. I do not expect you to take this season as the regular ones, this is the time for you to connect with friends, family and have your Me time. You want to make money? how about having time to rejuvenate? how about taking good care of your body for the next year? Some of us haven’t had time to rest since we started work in January and now that the rest is here, you are seeking for holiday deals here and there, trying to make money, of cos, money is good, it is important to make money but it is very expedient to relax your brain, body, mind so you can be refreshed. A lot of people who function well in business, do well because their body hasn’t refused to break down, or turn down their daily requests. Last month, a friend of mine broke terribly, she couldn’t even walk and you know why? she has been denying her body some rest for a long time and one morning, her body decided to have this rest  by force. If you think your clients can’t do without you, you will be surprised that when you are gone, the universe won’t stop moving. So, take time out to rest well.

Sleep desk

Let Me Show You How To Rest.

  1. Switch off your Phone
A black woman lying in bed using a cell phone. --- Image by © Michael Poehlman/Corbis
Image by © Michael Poehlman/Corbis

The amount of time we consume via pressing our phones is tantamount to the kind of rest we should give our body most times. To have adequate rest this season, switch off your phone{s}that is, if you have more than one. Stay off your tab, except you want to see a movie. Once your phone is off, you can have time for yourself and you will avoid unnecessary distractions. You will avoid calls that could disturb you from having your rest.

2. Treat your Body

women Body

You have been running here and there, driving, hoping from one car, bus to another, it’s time to treat your body. Get multivitamins, eat good food, you could get the services of a masseuse to help massage your body. There is power in deep massage with oils all over you to give you that warm treat that your body deserves. You see, these things aren’t as expensive as you think they are, if you have been working all year long, you should be able to have space for you.

3.Don’t Listen to The Urge To Say No


Hey, I know you are strong, you think you are one machine yeah,{lol} and your mind is saying, come on, why do you need to rest. Hey! don’t allow it.  You need this rest because your body deserves it, you need this rest to work properly next year. You need this rest to have more capacity than you had this year. So, don’t say No to it. Do it. Don’t calculate how, just begin. Tell everyone around you that you want to rest. Let them know how dire this is to you and they would succumb and if they are a bunch of selfish people who won’t allow you rest, travel! Lodge, switch off your phone, eat well, drink lots of water, have a good body treat and enjoy yourself!

You have worked this hard, You Deserve this Rest! 

Source: Above Whispers

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