Being Deliberate About Your Family

By Princess Arira

We must be deliberate on what the word of God teaches about marriage and family. Family is not man’s idea but God’s idea. The gospel which is Mathew to John is the earthly work of Jesus as being spoken by the Prophets. The wisdom by which man lacks is in the gospel. Whatever the word of God says is final authority, submission in marriage is first of all to the Lord before man. The man is not to boss the lady around but to protect her Eph 5:23., people who made bad leaders are first of all bad followers.  As a believer the same knowledge that saved you is the same that will follow you till the end of your life. Every time you read God’s word something happens to you. The bible cannot mean today what it never meant before, the only way to grow spiritually is by the word of God. We have to be deliberate about conducting your family affair in the knowledge of the word of God. Jam 1:21-24, God doesn’t love Jesus more than He loves you John 17:23. Doing God’s word is not effort but an effect, and the continuance in God’s word is what generate the effect. Jam 1:25, Eph1:6.

In relationships one needs to.,
. Forgive quickly, and your forgiveness must be in advance. Acts 10:43, there’s nothing you can’t forgive because there was nothing Christ didn’t forgive.

Repent quickly, repent simply means changing your mind set.

Be deliberate about your attitude because you are responsible for your attitude at all time, be deliberate about finances 

Money is used for people, not people used for money 1 Tim 6:17. Put your trust in God not money, its a bad attitude Phi 3:3, 4:13.
You must have a right attitude about your spiritual life . If all you do everyday is to pray the Pauline prayers it is good.


Your marriage is a model that your children pattern their lives after. ( That is your children can read through you, they watch your every move).

Your relationships to your kids model how they should or could treat people.

If you handle your marriage right you will have parenting right by nearly 90%. You cannot place your kids above your spouse, you have to prioritize your marriage.

We don’t prevent our children from the world, we prepare them for the world

Be deliberate about the atmosphere you prepare for your children, attitudes dictates atmosphere.

How To Set The Proper Atmosphere

Childrens Esteem
. You set atmosphere with words, you cannot change atmosphere without speaking God’s word
. Mind the tunes when you speak
. Your behaviours such as actions (generosity, bitterness, kindness e.t.c.) set an atmosphere.

Four Kinds Of Atmosphere You Need

. Create an atmosphere of love by using tender words. The best way to protect your kids is “be their first lover.
. Create an atmosphere of reverence through prayer and study of the word.
. Create an atmosphere of freedom and confidence by constant affirmation.
. Create an atmosphere of dignity and reward for hard work
. Create an atmosphere of discipline by setting, living by and insisting on boundaries (That is if you don’t stand your ground you have failed in setting your boundaries, discipline has to be consistent.


Source: Above Whispers

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