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Five Must Have Accessories In Your Wardrobe

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Saturday, November 24th, 2018
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Accessories can make or break an outfit. What may seem bland can come to life when the right accessories are used. They give you the liberty of putting a cherry on that outfit and upping your fashion game. Always be sure t chose accessories that speak to your personality and place a lot value on the quality as well.

  1. Bags


I think you will agree with me that this is non negotiable. You may try to wiggle out of getting the other things on this list, but not bags. Bags are an absolute must have. They come in different styles. We have clutches, totes and handbags. Be sure to get timeless ones that will withstand the ever changing trends.


  1. Sunglasses


Asides the fact that sunglasses gives you an aura of class and luxury, it also protects your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. One stone, two birds. Sunglasses have the power of transforming your entire look, sprinkling your presence with an air of mystery. Who is that sleek, sophisticated queen with the shades on? It is you.


  1. Statement Jewelry


The type of statement jewelry largely depends on your persona. So it maybe tiny necklaces with tiny pendants or large chunky neck pieces. This is a sure way to add the wow factor to your look. You should definitely own a statement jewelry.


  1. Scarves

scarf 09

Adding a scarf to your outfit is a very creative way to go about styling yourself. You could wrap it around your waist, head, and neck. Colourful scarves are a great way to light up a dark coloured outfit.

  1. A Good Watch


It may seem like the need for watches has long died and no one should bother getting one anymore. This is not entirely true. Although the emergence of mobile phones replaced watches in the area of time telling, watches still retained their ability to elevate a look. You could get a timeless leather watch or one in Gold or silver. Be sure to get a really good watch as it can make or mar your look.


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