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5 Ways You May Be Doing Your Laundry Wrongly

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Monday, November 19th, 2018
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  • Jeans

Washing your denim all the time will cause it to fade easily. Whenever you do wash them, turn them inside out, wash with cold water and hang to air dry.

Young woman leaning on a drying rack
Young woman leaning on a drying rack
  • Keep Zippers Zipped, Buttons Unbuttoned

Open zippers can cause damage to your clothes. Remember to zip all unzipped zippers. Leaving buttons unbuttoned will weaken the thread used to hold the buttons together

  • Washing After Every Use

Washing clothes after every use increases the chances of them wearing out easily. If a person sweats a lot or smells terrible, then they can wash after every wear despite the fact that it shortens the lifespan of the clothes. But you shouldn’t wash clothes after every wear. This doesn’t apply to whites.

  • Using Too Much Detergent

Experts say that too much detergent will leave your clothes dirtier.

  • PreTreat Oil Based Stains

It is advisable to pretreat oil based stains with a dab of liquid dish washing detergent.

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