The Story Corner : Excuse Me Sir? You Said What?

By Onozasi

My community people, come out here and let’s gist o. Have you heard? Wonders shall indeed never heard. There’s one man ruling an African country, his name is Musse something and he made a statement, a statement to the whole world. Guess what he said, he said, no man should ever be found in the kitchen. According to him, he has never been to the kitchen since he got married and this man is over 70 years and I am wondering, like seriously?


This period where we are talking about mental development, a president can come out and speak like this? Oh Well, they said it’s their culture, what culture please? Excuse me sir, you can eat the food but you cannot go in to the kitchen? Anyway, do I blame him? he got a woman who succumbed to his nonsense. These are the kind of men who go lying down and get cranky when the food is not ready to be served according to their time. They will now be calling, screaming and abusing the woman as if their legs were cut in the first place.


Excuse me sir, if you don’t want to enter the kitchen, you will stay hungry. I am telling you. You will be hungry sir. Or better still, you will have to order for your food sir or get a cook. Imagine the nonsense talk! It is a taboo to go in to the kitchen but it is not a taboo to eat the food. Olonje iya {Food monger}


Humans being eat, human beings should cook. You already know what I mean here, as long as you are human, You belong in the Kitchen too.


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Source: Above Whispers

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