Madam K : This Counselling Session…

By Onozasi

Hello, it’s been a while and I know. I have been busy with my women and I have gone to refuel my tank. Our segment is going to take a new shape and this shape is what you will love. You will learn, you will cry but ultimately you will moved to work, you will try to do something better in your environment. I will be sharing the life experiences of people with you {Predominantly women but we have men among them too} This is the stage where I will tell you to relax and enjoy this conversation…


Madam K : It’s good to have you sit on my couch. Thank you for accepting to speak. 

Theodora : Thank you Madam K. I am glad to be here

Madam K : Okay, go ahead… 

Theodora : My name is Mrs Theodora Philips {Not her real name} I have been married for ten years and I want out. I can no longer live with my husband.

Madam K : Why? What happened? 

Theodora : I have endured struggling all these years, I have been with this man, bore him children and he still molests me. My husband molests me sexually, he doesn’t like mutual sexual intercourse. He wants it rough, he wants me crying while he sleeps with me, he gets aroused when I say I don’t feel like it. We have been to the counselor, we have done therapy but he does not want to change. He is not interested in getting better. I am tired of this life and I want to be a free woman.

Madam K : Has it always been like this?

Theodora : Well, there was a time he said he enjoyed rough sex than a subtle one but that was two years after we got married, we were celibate during the relationship so I  never noticed anything but two years after marriage, his sexual urge increased, his sex preference changed and became extremely wild. I have talked him over this but instead he goes out to sleep with prostitutes and tells me they engaged him more than I ever did. Molestation in the mind and body, but I thought he would change. We are this couple they admire and I didn’t want what people would say stain the picture of the marriage, what will they say got me to stay here for over 7 years but now, I want to walk into freedom. I want to be free internally and genuinely live for me and my kids.

Madam k : {sighs} When did you decide to let go?

Theodora : One night, he came home after travelling for some days, I prepared him good food, he ate, he played with our children, I went to the bedroom to lie down because I have been battling with malaria. That night as usual, he came with the I want to have a piece of meat  statement {that’s what he usually says} I told him I was sick, down with malaria and needed rest. He declined, pulled me across the bed, and pulled off my night gown. Oh, I pleaded with him that I wasn’t up to it, I almost screamed but I remembered that we had kids at home. Joshua please, I cannot do this, we will do his tomorrow, he didn’t listen to me, he had his way.  I blanked out after that. I didn’t know how I got to the hospital and the doctor said ”Mrs Philips, maybe you should discuss with your husband about this person that has been molesting you. Some thing is not right in your body system.” Oh, I wept silly… That was when I decided that I couldn’t continue living like this…

Madam K : And your family?

Theodora : They are supportive. My father advised me to get separated from him and take my kids along with me. I am a bitter woman, I feel so weak beyond words, I am broken and injured. If only I had spoken up and taken the step from the very beginning, this wouldn’t have happened to me. I was bothered about the tongues of the world and continued in pain. Well, my religion doesn’t support divorce but I have no choice. I cannot keep living with the devil and I am open to marriage if I get to meet a good man.

Madam K : Have you told your children?

Theodora : {Laughs} All those years I thought I was hiding from them, they knew I was been maltreated by their father. They knew. So, when I told them, they were glad to start a new life without him. He is allowed to come see them, but he can not take them with him. I will fight for this.

Madam K : I am happy that you have summoned courage to live your life according to your terms. I am glad that this journey started with you, you have the second chance to live again and see, people will talk, but live your life for you and not for them. We would help you through this journey… We will stand by you.

Theodora : I am glad to share, I am glad,  Madam K…


Source: Above Whispers

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2 Responses to Madam K : This Counselling Session…

  1. Matilda Johnson October 25, 2018 at 9:48 am

    What a world… I am glad you are walking out of this menace.

  2. Victor Udoh October 25, 2018 at 2:53 pm

    And madam K is back. The writer used to be Grace Shaibu then, because I followed this closely. Is she the same person or another person because the name has changed…


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