Facing Trials, Moving Stronger

By Onozasi

Failed Marriage? Drowned Business? Low Income? Confused Mental state? Everything is dark, nothing is working? Something is happening, looks like the world is about to crumble on you. You are tired, you want to throw it all in. I know people have been there, some people are still there and some people have passed there. I am not going to tell you that jumping out is easy, it’s not easy but coming out can be done. You don’t have to come off it like the speed of light, you can walk out of that state, crawl out of that state but just make sure you are moving out of it.

Young woman reaching hand towards sun
Young woman reaching hand towards sun

Life wasn’t made to be perfect but can be lived perfectly.  Challenges will come, difficulties will come out but the willingness to step off that zone is the best ability you can have as a person. You cannot afford to be dejected, you should not accept defeat and this is why, you need to keep seeing that Dark period as a Season because Seasons will come and go. Let me help you here, there are times you don’t even know what the problem is so when asked, you don’t know how to start sharing this problem and some people know the problem but find it difficult to share, it’s pathetic, it’s draining but you can maneuver this and come through shinning like the sun.

There is no human without a Challenge, No human has it all. Everyone you see is battling with one thing or the other but it differs and this is to tell you that you aren’t alone!

  1. Read through the lives of other people. 

People have been through what you are currently passing through, nothing is new in this world but it can only be new because you have decided to wallow in your dark time. Sit up, get online and search for remedies. You will find books, articles that will help you scale through, articles that will help you understand this process. You will know how to handle difficulties.  Is it a business challenge, financial issue, even spiritual dark period? People have been there and have been able to come out singing the song of victory. Get into the ink and scale through with the help of others.

2. Decide to Shun Murmuring. 

The rate at which we complain over our problems will always  make them expand and in turn make us be in the dark. I get it that as humans we want to talk about it, we want to say how we feel but if you keep murmuring, complaining, you are going to get stuck. You will not find a way out. There is no solution in walking about the bush in the dark with no light in your hands because all you will see is the bush getting thicker and wider. Bottom line is,  there is no solution in murmuring about and around. Murmuring compounds the problem and expands it. 

3. Brace Yourself

Listen, life isn’t a bed of roses. Situations will come and they will go. If you think it would stay forever then, it might stay forever. Dearest You, there can be no champion without a battle. You will fight to have it. There is no trophy without a contest. Decide to stand tall against bad situations, decide to keep moving, don’t allow anything pull you down. You can get through this. You will get through it.  There are thousands of people who have surmounted this tussle and you will join the glory book if you wake up and smell the coffee. Stand Tall!!!

Everyone you see has a story, There is no Perfect Picture!

Source: onozasi.wordpress.com

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