Let Her Be A Girl – She Should Not Be Raped, She Should Not Be Molested

By Onozasi

They say when a girl child is growing up, she becomes self aware and this self awareness comes with the trusting of a child. She sees everyone as her uncle, aunt, mum and dad. She jumps on them, she sometimes forgets to wear her panties before sitting on the laps of her uncle or father. Things became abnormal when that man starts putting her ass in between his penis, putting his fingers in her anus. Just a little innocent girl. She would come back from school waiting for her mum and that man would call her to the  bathroom and ask her to suck him up. This is the world where the girl child has been assaulted, molested, abused and her childhood deprived from her. This is the period where no woman trusts her relatives with her daughter anymore not even her husband. Would you blame her? A man defiled his own daughter, in fact, another man got his daughter pregnant. How would you break that down? This is the not the end to it. When the girl starts growing, her shape becomes defined, the curves start showing off and she is forced to be cautious of her natural endowment. She doesn’t have to wear things that would define her curves especially at night because some  blood sucking demons are on her way home waiting to descend on her. It is almost a crime that she came as a girl child.


Let her be a girl child 


Egypt Girls

As she grows up, her curves are defined, her butt gives rhythmic conversations as she walks, she is a girl, that is how it should be for her. Don’t molest her for it.



She has big boobs, it can almost cover your face when you see her, let her be. That’s who she’s created to be. Don’t grab it and forcefully have your mouth on them.


She is easy to talk to doesn’t mean she wants sex. She is very friendly doesn’t mean she wants a penetration.



She has come visiting doesn’t mean you should rape her.


We are in a world where men are mostly not taught to be self aware, they are not groomed, they are allowed to be who they want to be.  The world where a man molests a woman and he is allowed to vie for a political position. A World where a woman goes to make a report and she is asked, what are you wearing, why did you go and visit him alone? If the man had gone to visit the woman alone, would she rape him? Why is it different with the woman?



Today, is set aside for the girl child, even as we celebrate, let us work harder to deal with these issues. She should be Protected. She should be allowed to LIVE on her own terms. She should not be Raped! Her childhood should not be taken away from her… 



Source: Above Whispers

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